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Water. Pure Water. in Keego Harbor, MI is your neighborhood water store. We’ve been providing water testing, water delivery, home water filtration, and water purification systems for our neighbors in Waterford, MI, Orchard Lake, MI, Commerce Township, MI, and West Bloomfield, MI since 2015. We pride ourselves in offering fair prices and guarantee complete satisfaction on all our products and services. We are happy to answer any questions about the quality of your water and the benefits of pure water. 

Visit our retail store in Keego Harbor, MI and fill up your containers with our alkaline and purified water, or purchase quality bottles direct from us. We carry a broad range of water dispensers and bottles made from glass or PBA-free plastic. Our self-service kiosk is open 24/7 to quench your thirst anytime. 

Water. Pure Water. in Keego Harbor, MI services include:
• Water Purification with our Reverse Osmosis Systems
• Home Water Filtration
• On-Demand Water Delivery Services
• Portable and in-home Water Dispensers

What Makes Us Unique: We decided to build our business after becoming interested in the health benefits of alkaline water. Here at Water. Pure Water., we believe pure and clean water should be easily available to anyone at any time. Also, we are the only company in the area who delivers alkaline water.

Why Alkaline Water? Alkaline water has been shown to provide a variety of health benefits including counteracting free radicals, cleansing the colon, detoxifying the skin, and lubricating muscles and joints. Water with a pH level greater than seven is alkaline water, while water with a pH lower than seven is acidic, and possibly more harmful to your system. So, drink to your health with naturally produced alkaline water from Water. Pure Water. 

Water Purification and Home Water Filtration: Water. Pure Water. in Keego Harbor, MI is pleased to offer a comprehensive 9-step water purification process. The key components include an activated carbon filter to remove harmful particles, dangerous chemicals, and unhealthy bacteria, plus a reverse osmosis system, a technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove harmful particles from your drinking water while allowing the pure molecules to pass. 

Water Delivery: Water. Pure Water. in Keego Harbor, MI offers a unique twist on standard water delivery services, with our On-Demand water delivery. You are no longer stuck with a rigid delivery schedule that is inconvenient and doesn't serve your needs. Call or contact us when you need a new supply of fresh, pure water, and we'll deliver! We also carry a wide variety of water dispensers to suit your needs and space requirements.